Advanced Therapy Partnership



What is an Online Service?

Using online therapy, you can get professional counselling without going to the counsellor's office a face to face session.   Your therapy or coaching sessions are are carried out online either in a private chatroom, on the telephone or or by exchanging emails.  It's safe, confidential and convenient - you do not have to leave home!

Each method has it's own benefits and attractions, as we can see here:


You can send your emails and read our replies when you wish.
You're not tied to a fixed schedule
You can pick up your emails wherever you are

Email gives you time to consider your feelings and needs without having to rush to commit yourself

You can have a written record of all of your therapy when you want it

You can save your emails to a memory stick, making them private and portable.


It can provide a greater feeling of rapport between therapist and client

You can perhaps get a better 'feel' for your therapist because you can hear the tones and inflections of his speech

For the same reason, your therapist can sometimes pick up on what is NOT being said just by listening to you.

You can schedule times which are convenient

You don't have to be beside your computer to have telephone therapy

If you use Skype, the call costs nothing

If you are in Spain and arrange for us to call you, again the call costs nothing


Live Chat.

Some people feel that it is more anonymous, or 'safer' than the telephone

You can schedule times which are convenient

There are no call costs at any time

In the link on the left, you can find the details of how to book and the packages that are available
, some of which can really save you money.