Advanced Therapy Partnership





When you book for therapy, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, 

and you certify that you are legally competent to do so.

1: Confidentiality   

All matters discussed with your therapist and your personal data are confidential. The only exceptions are  

a.      If it becomes clear that you are about to seriously harm yourself or  someone  else

b.     If we are required by a court order to reveal information

c.     If it becomes clear that you are involved in terrorist activities

d.     If the police seize files or records acting under a properly constituted court warrant. 

2.  Duration of therapy

Your therapist undertakes to ensure that your therapy will be concluded as rapidly as possible and will not extend 

the period of therapy un-necessarily. 

Payment may be made in cash, or by Paypal, debit card or credit card

4.  Missed Appointments

Unless 24 hours prior notice of cancellation of a pre-booked appointment is given by the client, 

the missed appointment will be charged for at the full rate. In cases of genuine emergency,

this charge may be waived. 

If you canĀ“t attend an appointment, Please let us know to avoid disruption to other clients. 

5.  Contact with your therapist.

If you need to contact your therapist between sessions, please try to call between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm - 

you may get through to an answerphone, but your call will be returned as soon as possible. 

6. Code of Ethics.

Your therapist will abide by the Code of Ethics of the United Kingdom Council for  Psychotherapy