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Panic attacks and Anxiety.

Anxiety describes a wide spectrum of different conditions, all of which require different management. It can be specific to a particular object or situation, in which case, it can be more clearly defined as a phobia, for example, a fear of heights, of crowded places or of spiders.

Anxiety can manifest itself in less specific ways, as is the case in panic attacks or in a chronic state of permanent fearfulness apparently unrelated to any particular situation or object.

For those who suffer from it, anxiety makes life extremely difficult, and can be very limiting, preventing the sufferer from having a normal life. No matter how it shows itself, all anxiety is the result of a normal healthy process getting out of control - we all need a certain amount of 'anxiety' or arousal to protect our selves from potentially dangerous situations, or indeed to perform effectively in our day to day living. It only becomes a problem when it becomes uncontrolled and unrealistic.

Therapy is tailored to the particular form of anxiety suffered by the client, but in most cases the most effective approach is a combination of counselling and cognitive-behavioural therapy - CBT - (to uncover and resolve the cause of the problem). CBT is based upon the fact that most often, our thoughts generate our emotions and resultant actions. If 'faulty' thinking processes are present these can be consciously challenged and more effective thinking put in place, resulting in changed emotional and behavioural results. As of 2005, CBT is the treatment recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, the Government body charged with evaluating treatment approaches for various disorders

CBT is usually a fairly brief therapy, but like all therapies, its effectiveness depends much upon the effort made by the client with the guidance and support of the therapist. If you suffer from anxiety, you will know how unpleasant and disabling it can be. However, help is available, allowing you to move forward to a much more pleasant and fulfilling life.

In addition to counselling and CBT work at your individual sessions, you will probably be asked to do some CBT work between sessions and most people find that as well as resolving their problems, this gives them fascinating insights into how they function as a person.

You need not suffer any longer!