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Hypno-psychotherapy and the Management of Pain

Hypno psychotherapy has been found to be effective in the alleviation of chronic and even acute pain. It has the advantage of minimising or removing altogether the need for analgesic drugs, and reducing the tension and anxiety which frequently coincide with the onset of episodes of pain.

We must recognise, however, that pain is usually a signal that something is wrong in the body. The cause must be fully explored and identified by your Doctor in order to ensure that any necessary treatment is given. For this reason, hypno-psychotherapy will only be used to control pain where the therapist is satisfied that it is safe to do so, and may request your GP/Consultant’s approval.

During the initial consultation, your therapist will wish to establish some information about your lifestyle, the history and probable source of your pain, and about the way you perceive your pain.

Please bring with you details of any medication that you are currently taking.

Having decided on a mutually agreed treatment plan, your therapist will assist you into the hypnotic state - this is not sleep - it is simply a state of profound relaxation during which time there is an altered state of conscious awareness.

Normally, the therapist will firstly help you control any tension and anxiety associated with your pain, and then proceed to deal with the pain itself. There are several approaches which can be used, and of course, those best suited to your particular needs will be used. These include the reduction of pain sensation in the affected area, the displacement of the pain, alteration of the nature of the pain, or alterations to your perception of the pain.

You will learn not only how to access the hypnotic state yourself, but also to apply the specific pain control technique appropriate to your case.