Advanced Therapy Partnership




Psychotherapy is the use and application of psychological knowledge to help people understand themselves and begin to make appropriate changes, or to be comfortable with who they are.
Psychotherapy has several different theoretical models that have developed over time, including psycho-analysis, Gestalt therapy, Jungian Analysis, Rational-Emotive Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural therapy amongst others

At the Advanced Therapy Partnership,we have adapted some of the best ideas from these differing schools of thought in order to help people achieve not only a rapid rate of improvement but also a lasting one.

Frequently, we use a cognitive–behavioural model that seeks to look at the process behind thought, and understand how it has developed, and of course how to change negative thought processes into positive ones.  

Most of the time, we can deal with most of our problems, habits and anxieties ourselves.  However, there may come a time when things are such that we need a bit of help.    Many psychotherapeutic techniques have been developed to find a way to assist during times of difficulty, when answers and solutions are difficult to find .

It is worth paying for the service of a professional registered skilled therapist who has such specialised knowledge, training, skills and experiences to help.  A registered professional therapist will adhere to a professional code of ethics and practice and complaint procedure. He or she will regularly have supervision to ensure practice is professionally regulated give clear workable guidelines regarding therapy and what to expect, and willshow evidence of qualifications on request