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Stopping Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Thousands of people every year manage to quit smoking with the aid of a skilled hypnotherapist. Consider the benefits - better health, better tasting food, more money - the list goes on and on.

Hypnotherapy helps you release the immense power within yourself to attain your aim, but before your treatment, there are a few things you should know.

Most habit smokers can successfully stop after two sessions of treatment, but remember, individuals do vary, and some cases take longer. People whose smoking habit is the result of some deeper psychological need are more difficult to treat, but again the ultimate success rate with hypnotherapy is good.

At your initial consultation, the therapist will evaluate your problem and its probable causes, and develop a course of treatment best suited to your personal needs and personality and at this stage will best be able to say how many sessions of therapy you will need.

Once the state of hypnosis has been induced (which is a very comfortable, relaxing process) the therapist will work with you to remove your need and desire to smoke. Many people find a very strong positive effect even after their first session.

Remember that while 'under' hypnosis, you are completely in control. You won't 'give away any secrets', and you can't be made to do anything that you would not wish to. Here, perhaps, is a problem - maybe your partner wants to to stop smoking, but in truth, you do not. If that is the case, then we cannot help you!

Hypnotherapy is frequently successful when other methods fail, and the only side effects are positive ones! For example, treatment is designed to ensure that the craving for a cigarette is not replaced with a need to nibble more, resulting in unwanted weight gain, and also to remove the often-felt need for a cigarette after a meal or at social functions.

For most of us here in Spain , stopping smoking is not about money. The fact is that stopping smoking really does cut your risk of heart disease and cancer, helps you feel fitter and better able to enjoy the sunshine lifestyle - You know it makes sense!