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Life is stressful. We  face different challenges and obstacles, and sometimes the pressure is hard to handle. When we feel overwhelmed, pushed for time or short on resources, we experience stress. Most of the time, this is just a normal part of living, and can give us the drive we need to get things done. 

When the going gets too tough and life's demands exceed our ability to cope, stress becomes a threat.   Stress is not the prerogative of the high-flying corporate executive, however.  The ordinary parent, student, carer, or worker is often just as liable to suffer.

Anything that forces us to adjust can be a stressor. This includes positive events such as getting married or receiving a promotion. Regardless of whether an event is good or bad, if the changes it brings strain our coping skills and adaptive resources, the end result is stress.

Outside factors such as the state of the world, your work or family situation, your financial situation and even your own behaviour, perceptions, attitudes or feelings can generate extreme stress levels .

Something that's stressful to you may be neutral or even enjoyable to someone else. Mostly, it´s not the reality of a situation that causes problems, it´s how you perceive it and react to it.  Morning rush hour traffic jam – is it a chance to sit back, listen to Classic FM or a reason to tear your hair out?  You choose!

Stress affects the mind, body, and behaviour in many ways. The specific signs and symptoms of stress vary from person to person, but all have the potential to harm your health, emotional well-being, and relationships with others.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy coupled with counselling and stress management training

are effective in controlling and indeed removing stress